When tooth decay damages the tooth enamel, slowly wearing it away, our gentle pediatric dentists may suggest a composite filling. Made from durable plastic, composite fillings are used to fill in the shallow impressions left on your tooth’s surface when decay is removed. The type of plastic, composite resin, provides many benefits over other types of dental fillings. Composite resin bonds directly with the original structure of a tooth, promoting strength and health. We can match the color of composite resin to the natural color of your child’s tooth as well. This is why composite fillings are often called white or tooth-colored fillings. At Growing Smiles, we want your child to feel confident in their smile.

Placing a composite filling in Chesterfield and Richmond, Michigan is simple and generally only takes one visit to our pediatric dental office. All signs of decay and damage are removed, and the area is thoroughly cleaned. Composite fillings are soft, like putty, when first applied. Our pediatric dentists will sculpt the dental filling until it fits perfectly in the tooth’s natural pits and grooves. It is then hardened with an ultraviolet light. When taken care of properly, composite fillings can last for years.

To learn more about composite fillings, please contact us today. We are excited to schedule your appointment and meet your family!