Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that has been proven to prevent and even reverse tooth decay. Fluoride is found in the water we drink and the foods we eat, but our dental team at Growing Smiles also provides fluoride treatment in Chesterfield and Richmond, Michigan for added protection and strength. One of the reasons fluoride is so important for children is because fluoride has the ability to strengthen tooth enamel as it grows. It incorporates itself with your child’s tooth structure and causes the tooth enamel to form a stronger barrier against acids produced by bacteria in built-up food and plaque. It also acts as a shield for tooth enamel that has already formed.

There are many ways to deliver fluoride. The most common method is topical application through mouth rinses, gels, varnishes, and toothpaste. For those in need of a different method of fluoride treatment, systemic fluoride, given through pills or tablets, is also available. Our knowledgeable pediatric dentists will be able to determine what is best for your child’s smile and what type of fluoride treatment will benefit them most. We invite you to learn more about fluoride treatment by contacting our pediatric dental office today. We look forward to adding protection and strength to your child’s smile!