A pulpotomy is a restorative treatment in which our talented pediatric dentists remove infected dental pulp inside of a child’s tooth. Sometimes referred to as a baby root canal, a pulpotomy is similar to adult endodontic treatment; however, a pulpotomy only removes infected pulp from the crown of the tooth, or the portion of the tooth above the gumline. In children, the pulp chamber inside of the crown of a tooth is larger than in adult teeth, making it more susceptible to decay and infection.

During a pulpotomy in Chesterfield and Richmond, Michigan, we will use local anesthetic for children to help them feel comfortable and pain-free. The decay from the crown is then removed and replaced with a durable, medicated filling. We will then seal off the tooth with a composite filling or a stainless steel crown if necessary. The goal of a pulpotomy is to preserve the primary tooth for as long as possible, reduce pain, and help your child’s smile function as it should. Keeping the primary teeth healthy promotes the proper growth of the permanent teeth without complications. If your child is expressing that their teeth hurt, we encourage you to contact us at Growing Smiles. We would love to share with you all the benefits of a pulpotomy and all we do to improve your child’s oral health.