When moderate to severe decay or damage has affected your child’s teeth in a substantial way, our compassionate team of pediatric dentists may suggest our high-quality stainless steel crowns at Growing Smiles. A stainless steel crown is a cap or cover placed over a damaged tooth to protect it and hold it together while restoring tooth functionality and shape. Unlike porcelain crowns that are popular for adults, stainless steel crowns are used for children for a number of reasons.

Stainless steel is less expensive and more fitting to be placed over a tooth that will eventually fall out to give way for your child’s permanent teeth. There is also little preparation needed when applying stainless steel crowns, negating the need for multiple dental appointments and buffing down tooth enamel. Stainless steel crowns will also naturally fall out with the primary tooth. Our dental team wants to improve the health of your children’s smiles while also helping them feel comfortable and relaxed each time they visit our office. We will guide you through each step of receiving stainless steel dental crowns in Chesterfield and Richmond, Michigan. For more information and to schedule your appointment, we invite you to call or visit our friendly pediatric dental office today. We look forward to serving your smile with care!