Pediatric dentistry is the branch of dentistry that specializes in treating children from birth to adolescence. To become a pediatric dentist, a person must complete at least two years of focused pediatric training after dental school and go on to offer treatment exclusively to children. The goal of pediatric dentistry in Chesterfield and Richmond, Michigan is to promote the oral health of children in order to help them have a healthy, strong smile for a lifetime.

Our talented pediatric dental team at Growing Smiles provides preventive methods to stop decay from occurring while quickly treating any damage before it can cause serious harm to your child’s teeth or gums and disrupt proper growth. We also work hard to guarantee your child has a positive experience each and every time they visit our office. This is done to help them form good oral health habits early and understand why visiting the dentist is important.

We will work closely with you to answer your questions and provide advice to help you feel confident as you lead your child to a healthier smile. We combine our training and expertise with compassionate service to help each of our patients and their parents. To learn more about our pediatric dental treatments, we invite you to contact our dental office today. We look forward to serving your family’s smiles!