Sealants are one of our simplest treatments at Growing Smiles. Plastic coatings painted onto the molars and pre-molars, sealants are a powerful protective treatment. Your child’s back teeth have deep grooves and ridges that are often hard to clean. When food and plaque get trapped, the acids and bacteria that form can quickly break down tooth enamel and cause infection. By using sealants, these teeth are protected and become much easier to clean. Sealants help promote overall oral health and improve your child’s ability to brush their teeth properly.

It only takes a couple of minutes per tooth to apply dental sealants in Chesterfield and Richmond, Michigan. Our expert pediatric dentists will first clean the tooth and prepare it, if necessary, through a gentle buffing method. This allows the plastic material used to form a stronger bond with the original tooth structure. The sealant is then painted on and allowed to harden. When combined with good oral hygiene habits, sealants can last for up to ten years.

To learn more about sealants and how they can protect and strengthen your child’s teeth, we invite you to contact our pediatric dental office today. We look forward to helping your children have lasting oral health!